Barbara Krasner | History Writer and Poet

Discovering Your Jewish Ancestors

“Discovering Your Jewish Ancestors is a user-friendly introduction to the basics of Jewish genealogical research. Krasner-Khait writes in a chatty, accessible tone that helps her demystify aspects of genealogy that can overwhelm the novice, such as the mystery of surname origins and how to find an ancestral town...Discovering Your Jewish Ancestors fulfills the current need for an un-intimidating and up-to-date introduction to Jewish genealogy...[an] important characteristic of the book…is its generous, warm, and clear tone: Krasner-Khait shares her own stories and those of others, refers to other Jewish genealogy experts often and credits them for their contributions, clearly explains genealogical records and how to find them, and generally makes the reader feel that ‘I can do that, too!’”

-Rachel Fisher, Director, Genealogy Institute at the Center for Jewish History, New York

Selected Works

Short Story
Inspired by my 2008 trip to Poland
Appeared in April 2015 issue of Jewish Literary Journal
Originally published in October 2016 on Lilith blog.
Photo Exhibits
Thirty photos of Warsaw and Barbara's ancestral "shtetlach"
Magazine Articles
American History article that chronicles the odyssey of the ill-fated MS St. Louis, a ship of nearly 1,000 German-Jewish refugees, in 1939. Based on interviews with survivors and archival research.
Cover story for History Channel Magazine, July/August 2008
This book chronicles the development of the library as a place for knowledge, a place to grow, a place for community, and a place where time stands still. In its 100-year history, the library has contributed to making the Town of Kearny a "place where everyone knows your name."
"You've done a great job capturing the heart of many of our childhoods."--Linda Kaywork Barbieri
“It’s a great gift for any Kearny resident. The pictures are priceless!”
-Debra C.Bird
“A perfect Hanukkah gift!”
-Family Tree Magazine