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Writing about American History and Immigration for Children and Adults

All four of my grandparents were immigrants. Among them, my father’s father, Max, was the first to come. He came from Minsk, Russia in 1899 to join his brother and sister in Newark. His future wife, Eva, came from Austria-Hungary in 1913 as did my mother’s father, also Max, from Poland. My mother’s mother came from a nearby town in 1914. The immigrant period fascinates me, from the very first settlers to today’s newcomers. What causes a person or a family to leave one’s home, one’s roots, and take the daring journey to a new country? Sometimes, the move is born of necessity by extreme poverty or intolerance.

I’ve been writing about immigration and other facets of American history, including the history of my hometown, Kearny, New Jersey, since 1998.

The following is a listing of some of my published work. To see more about my published articles and books, click here.

Magazine articles for children:

“Growing Up on the Erie Canal: Kids at Work.” (January 2002)
“Citizenship Day.” (September 2002)
“Celebrating American Heroes.” (March 2003)
“Incomplete Terms.” (April 2004)

“Ida Tarbell: Investigative Journalist.” (March 2002)
“Underground Railroad: The Robinson Family of Vermont.” (February 2003)
“Underground Railroad: A New Beginning.” (February 2003)
“A Smorgasbord of Scandinavian Words.” (May 2003)
“A Closer Look at the Big Five.” (October 2003)
“Anne Hutchinson: Religious Tension.” (November 2003)
“Anne Hutchinson: London: A City of Extremes.” (November 2003)
“Women Take Flight.” (December 2003)
“The Anaconda Plan.” (January 2004)
“The Rise of the Tenement.” (February 2004)
“The Pros and Cons of Tenement Life.” (February 2004)
“Women’s Right to Vote.” (March 2004)
“Registering to Vote.” (March 2004)
“Philadelphia’s First Immigrants.” (October 2004)
“Efficiency on the Rise.” (January 2005)
“Gateway to America.” (February 2006)
“The Kissing Post.” (February 2006)
“Detention!” (February 2006)
“That’s Entertainment!” (March 2008)
“On the Move.” (March 2008)
“Classrooms of Democracy – Presidential Libraries.” (July/August 2008)
“An Interview with Jimmy Carter.” (July/August 2008)
“Party Pros and Cons.” (September 2008)
“Reach Out Across the Web.” (September 2008)
“I Can Invent!” (July/August 2009)
“Going Up!” (July/August 2009)
“The Mayflower Sails Again.” (October 2009)
“Tragic Subject: Eugene O’Neill.” (July/August 2011)
“Inspired Theologian: Jonathan Edwards.” (July/August 2011)
“On Revolution: Thomas Paine.” (July/August 2011)
“Tough Guy: Dashiell Hammett.” (July/August 2011)
“Honest Voice: Arthur Miller.” (July/August 2011)
“Sea Stories: Herman Melville.” (July/August 2011)
“On the Frontier: James Fenimore Cooper.” (July/August 2011)
“Far Out: Kurt Vonnegut.” (July/August 2011)
“The Fall of Fort Sumter.” (October 2011)
“Squeeze Tactics.” (October 2011)
“Mastermind Isoroku Yamamoto.” (November 2011)
“First Responders Ken Taylor and George Welch.” (November 2011)
“Dot, Dash, Twang: Communicating over Distance.” (February 2012)
“Communicating on the Go.” (February 2012)
Carpathia to the Rescue.” (April 2012)
“Deep Sea Discovery.” (April 2012)
“The American Dream?” (May/June 2013)
“The Good Roads Movement.” (July/August 2013)

Accepted for publication
“Finding the Truth about Valley Forge.” (October 2013)

“A Call to Move.” (September/October 2002)
“Reflections and Memories.” (September/October 2002)
“The Second Migration.” (September/October 2002)
“Underground Railroad: Escape to the South.” (January/February 2003)
“Aim for the Stars: Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson.” (May 2004)
“Primary Sources: Meet Shirley Ann Jackson.” (May 2004)
“My First Really Proud Black Woman.” (March/April 2006)

“Waiting for Miss Liberty.” (July 2011)
Accepted for Publication

“Mrs. Silence Dogood.”

Magazine articles for adults:

AMERICAN SPIRIT (Official Publication of the Daughters of the American Revolution)
“Future Genealogy.” (March 2003)

“Cane River: From Oral History to Bestseller.” (July/August 2002). Awarded Third Place, Feature Articles Categories, in the 2003 International Society of Family History Writers and Editors Excellence in Writing Competition

FAMILY CHRONICLE (Contributing Editor, May 2001- Present)
“Genealogy with a Special Reason.” (January/February 1999)
“Teach the Children.” (May/June 1999)
“Immigration at Castle Garden.” (January/February 2000)
“If Not through New York, Then Where?” (March/April 2000)
“Waterway to the West: The Erie Canal.” (May/June 2000)
“The Transatlantic Voyage: Rites of Passage.” (September/October 2000)
“Ancestral Migration.” (May/June 2001). Cover story.

“Moving On.” (June 2001)

“Family Health Histories on the Web.” (Summer 2001). Cover story.
“Power Tools for a Powerful Family History.” (Winter 2002). Cover story.
“The Online Guide to Family Reunions.” (Spring 2002). Cover story.
“The Future of Genealogical Education.” (Summer 2002)
“Getting Kids Hooked on Genealogy.” (Summer 2003)
“Innovators: Susan E. King.” (Fall 2004)

“Lady Liberty.” (July/August 2008). Cover story.
“Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor.” (July/August 2008)

HISTORY MAGAZINE (Contributing Editor, June 2001-September 2002)
“Connecting the World: Early Telegraph and Telephone.” (April/May 2000). Cover story. Quoted in the major Canadian newspaper, Globe and Mail.
“The Long Struggle: The Female Right to Vote.” (June/July 2000)
“Railroads in the 1870s.” (February/March 2002). Cover story.
“History of the Skyscraper.” (April/May 2002.). Cover story.
“A New World Exodus: The 23 Unwanted Pilgrims.” (August/September 2009)


Images of America: Kearny, New Jersey. Dover, New Hampshire: Arcadia Publishing, February 2000.

Images of America: Kearny’s Immigrant Heritage. Dover, New Hampshire: Arcadia Publishing, November 2003.

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